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Young Ignatian Innovators in Action through Adopt-a-Pechay Activity

Ms. Ernestine Kate L. Tulod, GS Science Teacher

They are back, this time, with pechay! After two years of celebrating department-wide environmental stewardship activities at home, Ignatian Innovators excitedly took part in varied activities of the Science Week 2022 with the theme: Science and Environment: Moving Onward to a Plastic-free World

Kicking off the Science Week 2022, the Grades 1-6 classes took part in the Adopt-a-Pechay Activity in partnership with Mandaue City’s Department of Agriculture. Each class was given five pechay seedlings to plant. They chose to grow local pechay since it is a leafy vegetable known to be easier especially for elementary-age children. They also used reused plastic bottles as pots for the seedlings as a response to the Science Week’s call for a plastic-free world. They are also tasked to take care of these plants until they are ready for harvesting. Evident in the faces of our young Ignatian innovators, they surely had fun.  

Some of the yields will be donated to the Grade School’s Blue-Plate Program, one of the school’s social involvement initiatives. 

The Adopt-a-Pechay Activity is just the start of a more exciting whole Science Week prepared by our enthusiastic science teachers. Taking care of the Earth may be expressed in so many ways. At the end of the week, the young ignatian innovators will be more aware of what is happening to our Earth, be more loving to all creatures, and be more willing to help make the Earth a better place to live in.

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