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Safety and Security

The Safety and Security Office (SSO) ensures the delivery of programs, services, and activities in the areas of safety and security including, but not limited to health and sanitation, campus traffic, security, campus emergency incidents and the implementation of the School-based Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan. The office plans, and monitors all campus emergency incidents in addition to the school-based disaster risk reduction and management activities. It works closely with other offices such as the Physical Plant Office in conducting regular in campus risk and hazard assessments, and makes appropriate recommendations for safety.

Among its services are:

  • the processing and production of
    – school IDs
    – gate passes
    – special passes for entry and re-entry to campus
    – car sticker applications
    – student passports
  • provide carpool service information
  • overlooking the overall hygienic condition and nutritional content of the food served at the school canteen

Health and Safety Team

Mrs. Maria Carmela D. Enricuso, SO2 (Safety Officer 2)
Coordinator, Safety and Security Office

Mrs. Enricuso served as DOSS Character Prefect for Female Students of Grade School and High School from 2012 up to 2014 and on 2016, as Character Prefect for the Senior High School Department until 2022. A product of Jesuit education, she finished Grade School, High School, and College in the Ateneo de Davao University (B.A. in Comm Arts). For her graduate studies, she earned her Diploma in Language and Literacy Education and completed the academic requirements of the ladderized M.A. program in Language Literacy Education from the University of the Philippines Open University (UP – OU). She earned her Education Units from the University of Southeastern Philippines with some background in Special Education. Mrs. Enricuso is a certified Safety Officer 2.

Safety and Security Office (SSO) Staff

Markwil Ramos

Engr. Markwil Bert T. Ramos
Safety Practitioner

Irene Kaye Catubig
Receptionist, Information Booth

Rubina Peralta
SSO Secretary

Medical Team

Josephine Y.
Cubillan, M.D., DFM, FPAFP
School Physician

Jahzeel Grace
Salvador, RN, MAN-M
School Nurse

Marisse A. Daniel
School Nurse

Charles Dulfo
School Nurse

Rose Angelyn Calunsag
School Nurse

Frequently Asked Questions


How do we apply for a student ID?

Applications must be done online following this link:

How do we get the student ID?

All IDs will be distributed through the class advisers. No need to drop by the SSO.

How do we inquire about carpool service providers?

Please give us a call through 3454378 loc 1134 and we will be happy to provide some information and answer your questions regarding our serviced routes and carpool service providers.

Can parents stay inside the campus?

Parents are discouraged from staying in campus during class hours to regulate person as we are still operating in pandemic. They are however requested to pick up their children at dismissal at our designated pick up areas, mainly the school lobbies and the canteen areas. Our curfew is at 6 PM for the non-athletes. Parents may be in campus to transact official business in our service offices such as SSO, Accounting, Registrar or Testing Office. While in campus, they may park in the Car Jesu grounds, in front of the gym and the area between that and the Magis Eagles Arena.
Grounds clearing is at 8AM for the morning classes and 1PM for the afternoon classes.

What is the standard protocol once someone is Covid positive? Is proof of vaccination compulsory?

When someone becomes Covid positive, the medical team will identify the close contacts and determine based on proximity and circumstances if they are low risk, medium risk or high risk. The Covid positive is prohibited from entering the campus. He/she has to finish the isolation period before he/she can be allowed to come back to school with clearance from the school physician. Proof of vaccination is needed by the medical team to help us determine period of isolation and quarantine. kindly check the parents' portal and follow the link on Student Vaccination Status.

How do we ensure that our students are safe?

We have established health and safety protocols which are being practiced by all members of the school community, even guests and visitors who come to the campus to transact official business.


Student Formation


Our Student Formation Coordinators are responsible for the students’ formation, character, and well-being through its Student Activity Programs (SAP), Guidance Services, Character Prefects, and Social Involvement Activities per school department.



Mens sana in corpore sano—a healthy mind in a healthy body. Cura personalis—care for the whole person. The Atheltics Office provides various programs for aspiring student athletes as well physical education for other students.

Culture and Arts & International Programs

Learn more about the school’s Culture and Arts program as well as local and international student programs by the Culture, Arts, and International Relations Office (CAIRO).

Campus Ministry and Social Involvement

The Campus Ministry and Social Involvement Office (CMSIO) aids in the spiritual formation of the SHS–AdC community. Furthermore, the school cultivates the sense of being “persons for others” through social involvement programs by the CMSIO and the Student Formation Program.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety

We value the health and safety of our students at the Safety and Security Office (SSO).

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Our libraries and audio-visual rooms are always conducive for studying, research, and learning. We assure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff by regularly sanitizing our LRC facilities.

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