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Testing Services

The Testing Services handles the Testing Program of the school, and provides academic support to the different academic departments through the following testing services:

  • Entrance Test/Admission Test to student applicants
  • In-house Psychological testing to all students

√ Intelligence tests, Aptitude tests, Personality tests, Diagnostic and Achievement tests, Learning Preference Inventory, Behavioral checklists, etc.

  • Assessment, Evaluation and Referral (SHS-AdC Faculty, Staff and Students only)
  • Provincial Testing Center of Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)
Mrs. Mondejar

Mrs. Bonissa A. Mondejar, RPM
Coordinator, Testing Services

Testing Services


Mrs. Bonnisa A. Mondejar has been serving the institution since 1993, first as Guidance Counselor, then as a Psychometrician, and now, the Coordinator of Testing Services.

Mrs. Bonnisa A. Mondejar graduated with a degree of AB Psychology from the University of San Jose-Recoletos and has been a registered Psychometrician since 2015. She completed her coursework in MA in Clinical Psychology at the University of San Carlos.

Mrs. Cinco

Catherine P. Singco

Mrs. Albaño

Ma. Juris A. Albaño
Assistant Psychometrician

Mrs. Mindanao

Jay An Marie A. Mindanao

Being well prepared for the Exam is the best way to overcome stress and anxiety and gives the examinee the best chance of getting good grades/results.

Tips/Reminders for Examinees:

  • Plan your Exam day and sleep well. Make sure you have everything ready way before the day of the exam, and do not leave anything for the last day/minute.
  • Check all the requirements and make the necessary arrangements. Check your exam permit and note the practical details (e.g. time and schedule of the exam, venue of the exam, and the things you need take with you)
  • Relax before the Exam day. Try not to cram any studies the night before. Use the evening to help you feel confident and relaxed.
  • Arrive early on Exam day. Plan and decide which route you will take on the day of the examination and see how much time it will take you to reach the destination. Avoid being late. Be punctual to avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress.
  • Eat healthy to think healthy. Bring healthy snacks and snack on brain food.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does the Entrance Exam cover? What subjects are included?

Coverage of Entrance Exam by department:
Early Ed : Readiness Test and General Information, Intelligence Test (Pictorial)
Grade 1 : Intelligence Test, Achievement Tests in English and Math, Oral Reading
Grades 2-10 : Intelligence Test, Achievement Tests in English, Math, and Science
Grades 11-12 : Intelligence Test, Aptitude Tests, Interview

2. Are Chinese and Filipino subjects included in the Entrance Exam?

No. Achievement Tests usually just cover the major subjects namely, English, Math, and Science.

3. How long is the Entrance/Qualifying Exam?

Early Education:              Approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour
Grades 1-2:                      3-4 hours
Grades 3-12:                    4-5 hours

*Test duration is indicated in the exam permit.

4. What to bring during the exam?

The things to bring during the exam are indicated in the exam permit: pencils, pen, eraser, ruler, snacks, water and the exam permit with picture.

5. Can the student applicant just come and take the test anytime he/she wants to?

No. All Tests and interviews are scheduled. For Early Ed, the test interviews are by appointment. All pupil and student applicants are required to secure an exam permit before coming to a scheduled exam.

6. Is there a retake for those who failed in the Entrance Exam?

Exams and test appointments and interviews can be rescheduled like when a student gets sick or has an emergency, but those who failed in the exam cannot take the same test again. They may, however, reapply for the following school year subject to a reevaluation and deliberation by the Admissions Committee.

7. How long before we can know the application decision?

The Office of Admissions and Scholarship will inform you within 5 working days after the exam/interview.

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