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The Plastic-Free Challenge

Mr. Jonemel M. Alforque, GS Science Coordinator

Every journey starts with a single step. As Confucius reminds us, every worth-whole endeavor begins with a goal. The plastic-free challenge, along with other environmental stewardship activities, is the Grade School Ateneo hearter’s first steps towards a well-conserved and preserved environment.   It was a great way to encourage the young ignatian innovators in paving way towards refusing single-use plastics. There were nine (9) challenges that each class had to complete. It promoted partnership among learners and their teachers. Its challenges included the use of recyclable and reusable water bottles, lunch boxes, kitchen utensils, and bags. It also promoted against bringing plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, and wet wipes to school. Lastly, it encouraged the pupils to educate others on the importance of going plastic-free.

Although some tasks are quite challenging, learners followed through. When they saw their peers supporting the Plastic-free challenge, they became more self-motivated and supportive. This goes to show that no matter how difficult it may be, positive change should happen. 

If our young stewards of creation were able to do it, you can also possibly do too.

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