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Miss Kathy V. Maringuran, GS Science Teacher

Plastic pollution creates major problems in the world. Millions of animals are killed by plastics every year, from birds, fish to other wildlife. Even plants are at risk because of indiscriminate plastic disposal. Importantly, human lives are at stake.

The Environmental Film Fest promoted awareness of plastic pollution around the world. In celebration of Science Week 2022, the film fest showed acclaimed documentaries of real-life effects of plastic pollution to actual lives. It featured films that showed how plastic pollution causes poisoning, entanglement and starvation leading to the deaths of millions of animals. In vivid color and images, it showed how the marine animals and other wildlife lose their lives due to stomachs packed with plastic and then, intoxication.  

Young Ignatian Innovators were greatly moved with what they have witnessed in the Environmental Film Fest. They shared their feelings and sentiments through their online chat in Microsoft Teams. They also discussed possible ways to lessen plastic use in their own ways as grade school pupils. Their conversations were trending with the hashtag: #stoppollution.

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