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SOS Recognition: A Call to Service!

For most teenagers, the summer is all about going to the beach, catching up on TV series, and simply having fun. Textbooks are put away and responsibilities are temporarily set aside, at least until the next school year rolls in. For a number of Ateneo Hearters, though, there is much more to the summer than just that.

Last Monday, July 6, 2015, the school recognized the selfless and whole-hearted efforts of numerous High School students who exemplified the ideal of MAGIS by devoting a whole month of their summer vacation to the Summer of Service (SOS) Program. These students spent 4 hours every day working at a variety of restaurants and stores and gave up half of their salaries in order to help fund the scholarships of several public school students.

During the morning assembly, one of the SOS volunteers shared how her experience in the program had been undoubtedly tiring but incomparably gratifying. All those hours spent hard at work opened her eyes to the reality of the world and allowed her to see for herself the effort that her parents put in in order to provide her with all that life has to offer.

Two of the SOS Program beneficiaries warmed the hearts of all those present in the Lux Oriens Gym that morning as they expressed their sincere gratitude for the efforts that the SOS volunteers put in, giving them a chance to continue with their education.

The Recognition Program ended with a call to service, inviting more of the High School students to join next year’s Summer of Service (SOS) Program and experience for themselves the rewards of being young men and women who work not only for their own benefit but rather for the need of others.


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