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SCIENCE AT HOME: Thriving in the New Normal

The curiosity and love for Science by our Ignatian innovators continues even while at home. As we move forward to the new normal of formal education for this school year, we are bringing the Science laboratory right in our pupils’ respective households.

The Grade School Department Science Area once again came up trumps for this year’s celebration of Science Weeks with the theme “Science at Home: Thriving in the New Normal”. This celebration offered opportunities for building science knowledge, fostering curiosity, and understanding the daily relevance of science concepts to our Ateneo Hearters during these unprecedented times. Ateneo Hearters, along with the active participation and support of their parents and guardians, geared themselves up with perfectly suited activities for each grade level.

The Early Education pupils started off by splashing encouraging words that undoubtedly sparked a positive neurological response, collected smiles, and inspired happiness in their activity “Captioning Smiles”. The Grade 1 pupils also proved to us that food is best shared with our loved ones as they captured their family bonding time while sharing healthy snacks through the activity “Snackshots”. These activities fed us with physical and emotional goodness that created a much more enhanced bonding moment.

In line with positivity, healthy habits and self-care tips were also offered to us by the Grade 2 pupils. They showcased their various wisely chosen products and their healthy routines. These were highlighted through an infographic called “Self-care Quaranthings” that helped us appreciate the advantages of keeping a wholesome routine for our well-being.

The Grade 3 pupils succeeded in their efforts to keep their sense organs in tip-top shape. Through a Vlog called “Liven Up Your Senses”, they shared invaluable healthy routines that make the sense organs work efficiently and free from diseases.

Boosting the physical and mental health was also encouraged by our dear pupils in the intermediate level. Grade 4 pupils were given different challenges in promoting their physical and mental faculties within the given amount of time through their “Science Homelympics”. They performed Science challenges that tested their wits and quick-thinking skills while working their bodies out in accomplishing the tasks.

Observing proper hygiene habits in our childhood is a great foundation in the pre-teen’s wellness. These habits prepare them for the physical and emotional changes that they will undergo in the stage of puberty. Along with this goal, the Grade 5 pupils shared the essential items in their hygiene kit and routine through a vlog called “Hygiene Kit Raid”. The pupils shared ways on how to keep their body clean as they develop several changes towards adulthood.

Simultaneously, the Grade 6 pupils took their health to the next level as they presented their knack for fitness in inspiring their peers to keep their bodies strong and fit. They made these possible by creating a “Fitness Vlog” that will get your endorphins flowing.

The Grade School Faculty did not miss out on the fun as well. As they continuously surf on the waves of online learning and teaching, teachers adjusting to this new set-up took into consideration the valuing of one’s self to maintain rhythm and focus on work. The Grade school teachers shared self-care tips that are easy to implement in our regular routines and beneficial to the mind, body, and soul through the “Self-care Share” activity.

Indeed, these activities and outputs deserve to be shared, admired, and to be learned from, thus, the Grade School Science Area opened the doors to the wonders of Science Virtual Exhibit to showcase the brilliance of our Ateneo Hearters. This enabled them to participate in a digital tour while learning and getting inspired by the fascinating outputs of the pupils right at their fingertips — in the comfort of their own homes.

Be amazed with these scientific adventures by clicking on this link

Science is life. It is who we are, what we are made of, how we came to be and why we exist. It is not limited to the contrived walls of the classroom but is also found in the open space and beyond. This pandemic will not hinder us from being curious, ingenious, and imaginative Ignatian Innovators. Let the scientist in us conquer our limits and survive any crisis thrown in our midst.

Kate Marie Gonzaga
Science Teacher


(Edited by Estela Serrano Oct. 8, 2020)

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