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Never A Goodbye

In Memoriam
Rosita Shih

Distance, time, sand, and space,
Separate us from place to place.
A long look, a waving hand,
Looking back to where I stand.

Years and years of knowing each other,
but to a few, only months together.
Regrets, joy laughter and tears,
will come back rushing through the years.

There is never a goodbye.
We will meet again, even after we die.
God be with you, not goodbye.
There is never a goodbye.

Siansi, each day I will miss you,
but the closer I get to see you.
Thank you, and until we meet again,
Somehow, someday, somewhere…

Siansi, mother, auntie, companion,
educator, mentor, my friend.

Marvin L. Ford

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