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Music and Motion ’19 High School Division CHAMPIONS


Amidst the pouring rain last December 13, 2019, Ateneo De Cebu’s very own AG!LA and Ateneo Blue Dance Troupe set the roof on fire as they competed in the Music ‘N Motion 19 dance competition held at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation Gym. The competition had 2 divisions: High School and Open Division, with SHS-AdC competing in the former. Having won the crown back in 2017, AG!LA and ABDT greatly wowed the judges and the crowd with their jaw-dropping performance, besting eight other schools in the high school division.

When asked about their winning strategies, AG!LA member Rainier Dy from Grade 12-Sapientia stressed on their sole focus: To bring back the crown won by the previous dance troupe. He says, “[O]ur choreographers always reminded us to be the “silent killer” in the competition since we [wanted to hold the] impression [that we were not experienced] because we looked young and not [that] intimidating [at all].” He adds, “[W]e just had to focus on giving our all before going on the dance floor as our choreographers reminded us that, ‘the choreo is ready, the dance is ready, the audience is ready, the venue is ready, everything is ready. the only thing left is for us to show that we are ready to claim back the crown’.” And claim back the crown they did.

Tiffany Miranda of Grade 12-Eloquentia also adds that prayer had been a constant ritual in their preparations for the competitions. She says, “…[T]here was one thing we didn’t forget to do after practice, which was to huddle and pray. We constantly prayed [after] every practice [so as] to guide us and put us in the mindset of unity and achieve our goal as a team.”


(MOLAVE: Isabella Limbaga/ 12-Eloquentia)
Photos from: Tiffany Miranda and Hana Masucol

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