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KAC Experience: Seniors’ Perspective

A few weeks ago, the seniors of Sacred Heart School Ateneo de Cebu were able to experience the Kool Adventure Camp from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incoporated. The camp lasted for 3 days and in these 3 days, the Seniors were able to bond as well as develop teamwork, responsibility and leadership. We’ve interviewed some of the participants and here’s what they have to say:

Robert Yap, Grade 10-Loyola:

“The Kool Adventure Camp was an unforgettable experience. It has taught me many things that I wouldn’t have learned if I had not participated. It has taught me how to be more independent, how to face our fears with conviction and how to live without modern technology for a short time.; It came with a lot of thrills and excitement, I am glad to have joined it and my life will never be the same.”

Gordon Gordon, Grade 10-Ricci:

“When we here camp we think of campfires, ghost stories, tents, and more KAC, it not just a camp. It’s more of a place of development. This is a place where we all learn that we should work together, take initiative, and keep climbing. KAC teaches us how to deal with our lives, that in life you can’t be alone you need others to belay, spot, and be a deadweight. It also teaches us that life has obstacles, and most of the time you gotta have balance. So in other terms KAC taught me about teamwork, trust, and most of all unity.””


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