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Japanese Exchange Students: Ready to Explore

On July 25, 2016, the Junior High School student body welcomed ten Japanese Exchange Students from Eiko Gakuen High School during the morning assembly. They awed the students with their energetic dance presentation with the song Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) on the first day of class. They introduced themselves and enthusiastically greeted everyone in Bisaya. Ateneo Hearters applauded as the exchange students showed confidence and spirit. After the assembly, they had a tour around the school, and they were welcomed warmly by their classmates. They shared a welcome lunch with some of the teachers and the administrators.

The names of the exchange students are Akira Sakuma, Masato Ide, Sho Cho, Fumiro Nakajima, Takuya Kato, Koki Sato, Go Sakaguchi, Kazuki Nagashima, Ken Yokoyama, and Tasuku Fukami. Each of them gets to stay with his foster family for two weeks. They are also assigned to different sections. They will experience how it feels like to be Ateneo Hearters as they are also expected to participate in each discussion.

Akira Sakuma, one of the exchange students said, “My classmates are friendly and talkative, but when the classes start, all off them become silent because they’re already studying.” He is assigned in Gr. 9- St. Francis Xavier and this was his further statement, “I am enjoying the company of my classmates and the mood of the class.”

Last May, ten of our Ateneo Hearters went to Japan for  the Ateneo Hearter Adventure (AHA). They are the 21st batch who experienced this exchange program in our school. It is now the time for the brothers who welcomed these Ateneo Hearters in Japan to experience the wonders of what our country has to offer. These Japanese students are now ready to explore and learn!

Lance Sibi

Lance Sibi

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