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Ignatian Youth Camp 2015

Some of you may have noticed that a few of your classmates were not around last January 12. Some of you may have also noticed the extra Sinulog presentation in the assembly last January 7. Well, that’s because around 80 of us joined the very first Ignatian Youth Camp. The camp lasted for four days from January 13 to 16. The Ignatian Youth Camp is a congregation of students from all the Jesuit Basic Education (JBEC) schools around the Philippines.

Now, you might be wondering what people did at the IYC and I think you guys might be thinking that all we did was this.

2If you thought of this then you’re right, we had mass every evening but I bet you didn’t think that we also did this.

Yes, also every night.

The IYC taught us how to worship God and have fun at the same time. We were given the chance to interact and celebrate with those who have the same beliefs as we do. It also showed us that worshipping God does not mean just going to mass and praying but also by showing our talents and skills such as singing, dancing and the performing arts.

During the IYC we had many activities including an Amazing Race, a fun run and several workshops to nurture our talents. We also had a field trip to some Jesuit churches in Cavite. Like I said before, we also celebrated mass every evening. After dinner we would either have a concert or a disco to celebrate.

The IYC is definitely not your ordinary Jesuit Youth Camp and I hope that many of you will consider joining in next year.If you want to see pictures from this year’s IYC, you can go to #IggYCamp2015 in facebook or twitter.


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