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HS Intramurals Opening 2015: Four Houses, One Heart!

After weeks of preparations, long hours of practices, and days filled with excitement, finally, the much-awaited day of the opening of the High School Intramurals arrived. On Friday, September 25, the entire high school student body gathered at the Magis Eagles Arena in order to witness some of the best performances Ateneo de Cebu has to offer.

The Arena was a sea of colors: yellow for the House of Magis, red for Lux Oriens, blue for Servire and white for Amare. One by one, the houses cheered their palabas representatives on and all other noises were drowned out as Ateneo Hearters prepared for what could be considered one of the most competitive and unifying events in the school calendar.

Jaw-dropping. Breath-taking. Awe-inspiring. Choose any adjective you want because all three describe the performances delivered by each and every one of the houses. The formations, the moves, and the unison were so good you’d think they were professional performers! Without a doubt, teachers, parents and students alike felt their heart burst with pride as they witnessed these extraordinary talents that God has blessed these students with.

However, the day did not end when the performances did. The MECSS (Math, English, Chinese, Social Studies and Science) Olympics came next, followed by many more activities to foster unity and cooperation among the different students of the houses. Finally, to bring the day’s activities to a close, Ateneo Hearters gathered in the Arena once more to give recognition to the winners of the different awards. All houses were much praised by the judges, who undoubtedly had a hard time coming up with their decision. But alas, it was a competition and a winner had to be declared, and the honor of the much-coveted AMDG Dance Palabas Overall Champion Award was enthusiastically and proudly received by the House of Magis whose members leapt up with shouts of joy as their house was loudly announced!


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