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Fueling Student Passion: The High School Club Fair

It’s a brand new school year and finally the time has come for one of the most anticipated days for every Ateneo Hearter – the Club Fair! Despite the rainy weather, the Club Fair kicked off with a plethora of Magis spirit. This year the school boasted a mind-boggling 37 clubs. Each of the clubs is intricately designed to cater to every student’s magnificent thirst for learning and growth – from athletics to service all the way down to performing arts and everything in between. Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu spared no expense in fueling the student’s passion through the various school clubs offering. The Club Fair was brimming with life as the performing arts clubs shared their exhilarating talent and skills on the stage. Even after which, eyes were left roaming through the gym scanning through the beautiful stations where club core representatives showcased their riveting skills in inviting each of the students to join in their assigned club or organization. With everyone on the edge of their seats from anticipation, the surge of energy was finally unleashed as the students eagerly traversed through the various club stations filled with enthusiasm and excitement. With hundreds of students scouring the floors, enrollment would have been a nightmare but not for Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu because this year the school has released its new club enrollment process. Utilizing the school’s computer labs, iPad cart and WiFi, the students were hurled into the brand new online enrollment system. With just a simple input of the students ID number, the students were brought to the club enrollment page where they can scan once again through the different clubs offering, and with just a simple click the enrollment was completed.


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