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Finding God in this Time of Pandemic

We share another reflection from our grade school pupil, Ms. Espedido about finding God during this times…
Finding God in this Time of Pandemic by Sophia Ysabella L. Espedido (incoming Grade 6)
COVID-19 has significantly affected our way of living. Many people have lost their jobs, thousands have died, and the number of COVID-19 patients continues to rise. In light of these, I still choose to hold on to God’s loving mercy.
As a young Ateneo Hearter, one thing I can do to help ease this challenging situation is to simply stay at home.
Staying at home has given me more time to spend with my loved ones and deeply connect with them. More importantly, this has also given me more quiet time to be with God in my prayers. In this trying time, I have experienced His unexpected ways of helping us, and I have become more aware of His holy presence among us. Truly, I find God in every good and not-so-good situation. I have big hopes that we can surpass this pressing time because I know that God is always with us.
Let us always remember that God’s love never falters and that He, as our loving Father, will never leave our side.

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