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Creative Hands Towards a Plastic-Free World

Mrs. Prety M. Ylanan, GS Science Teacher

Turning the tide towards a plastic-free world emboldens the Grade School Department in providing avenues for young Ateneo hearters to create a meaningful impact and more committed covenant of caring for our common home. Through the Science Week 2022 Poster-making Contest last September 27 and 30, pupils used their gifts in visual arts to promote a plastic-free world.

The contest was opened to the grades 4-6 levels with two representatives per class– one contestant for class group A and another one for class group B. It was held in the Grade School Building, Level 4, Auxiliary Canteen. With much enthusiasm from the contestants, the one hour and thirty-minute arts competition started. 

Each stroke, line, symbol and color put in each pupil’s blank illustration board bears a message of hope of making a plastic-free environment a reality for all. Each image or scene shown in the posters support plant-based products. 

This goes to show that embracing change one at a time should be a conscious and intentional effort. With all these initiatives, our world can be a happy place for all creation.

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