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Bakhawan para sa Katilingban

Mrs. Melanie A. Abello, GS Science Teacher

Mangroves are known to be the first line of defense against storm surges, coastal flooding and erosion. Mangroves provide a lush habitat for different species of fish, crabs, shellfish, birds and reptiles.

In partnership with the Jagobiao Fisherfolk Association headed by their president,  Mr. Renerio Cubong, the Grade School Department administration and faculty participated in the mangrove planting activity, “Bakhawan Para Sa Katilingban”. It was held at Eversley, Jagobiao Mandaue City last September 28, 2022, where teachers spent a morning filled with learning experiences and being in touch with nature. 

The grade school Ateneo Hearter formators had a first-hand experience in learning more about the different species of mangroves that are endemic to the locality.  They also learned tips on the proper way of planting the mangrove propagules. Without hesitation, they proceeded to the planting grounds and spanned the knee-high deep mud to sow the propagules, bringing hope to our mangrove forests.

The Bakhawan Para Sa Katlingban is the Grade School Department’s social involvement efforts in support of Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu’s thrust for personal and ecological conversion. It is one of the many upcoming initiatives of the department to make way for the formators to be truly persons-in-community.

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