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Last 21 June 2014, the High School Social Studies Area of SHS-AdC conducted a seminar on “Strategies in Teaching Social Studies in the K to 12 Curriculum to public High School teachers from Mandaue City held at the SHS-AdC HS AVR. The aim of conducting this outreach activity is to share to public school teachers the necessary skills and strategies in teaching Social Studies with the implementation of the K to 12 program.

With 42 teacher-participants from Pagsabungan National High School, Labogon National High School, Jagobiao National High School, Casili National High School, Tabok National High School , Cabancalan National High School, Tipolo National High School, Mandaue City Science High School, Paknaan National High School, Mandaue City Comprehensive National Night High School, Tingub National
High School, and Don Gerardo National High School .

The high school faculty members from SHS-AdC Social Studies Area conducted teaching demos and sharing of insights where the beneficiaries actively participated. Strategies for Asian history, World History, Economics, and Contemporary Issues were presented with a particular focus on making Social Studies more interactive and relevant to students.

According to Dr. Joy Torres, Subject Area Coordinator of the Social Studies Area, the seminar was a way of paying forward and sharing the seminars that the faculty members attended in Baguio and in Cebu. She further added that as Transformative Social Servant leaders the SHS-AdC Social Studies Area seeks to further help in multiplying the efforts of nation-building through equipping the public school teachers’ expertise by sharing Social Studies skills and strategies as we implement the K to 12 curriculum.

News Article contributed by Mr. Marlouize Villanueva



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