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Third Ignatian Eloquentia Cup: The Fight against Glossophobia

Glossophobia…the fear of public speaking. Every High School student knows that by July, the time has come for him or her to pick a random question or statement, get up on the platform in front of his or her classmates and English teachers, and come up with an extemporaneous speech.

However, for many, if not most, this is no easy task. Speaking in front of a crowd makes them anxious and despite all the ideas that may be running through their heads as they prepare their speech for all of two minutes. Once they get up on stage, they freeze and forget all they’d planned on sharing.

In an effort to help students overcome their fear of public speaking and train them to become eloquent speakers, last July 28-29, the High School English area sponsored the Ignatian Eloquentia Cup for the third year running.

The different grade levels gathered in the School Theater to witness the speaking talents of some of their very own batchmates. The tension inside the theater was palpable as contestant after contestant delivered speeches that ranged from compellingly witty to profoundly moving.

This year’s questions and speaking topics were based on the theme of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the school’s patron saint and the model that each and every Ateneo Hearter is called to follow.

Lance Sibi

Lance Sibi

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