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Library: Avenue for Learning

The library is a fun source of knowledge, a good place to relax our mind and improve our vocabulary. The Grade School library is our go-to place when we need books, maps and other tangible instructional materials. Through its diverse collection, the library indeed gives us a quick escape to a fun and exciting world.

However, the library does not only provide us interesting and engaging books, it also keeps us updated with our current realities. Newspapers, magazines and other published materials, provide us information about the many happenings in our community, in our country and the rest of the world.

In these contemporary times, some people say that books are a thing of the past. Who wants to read books when everything is just a click away through the use of gadgets like tablets and laptops? Who wants to flip magazines and periodicals when all we need to know can be ‘Googled’?

IMG_3351Our library has responded to this 21st century challenge. It has updated its collection to make the reading lists more dynamic and far-reaching. Online resources are now accessible in our libraries. We can access information and other important data that we may need online with the help of our librarian. Through this, the grade school library has also become a research hub.

Libraries and the act of reading have changed a lot for the past years. True enough, technology has changed our reading experience. However, one thing will always remain true; libraries will always hold a special part in our learning and will continue to shape how we grow in schools.

Article contributed by Kellyn Claire Lim (Grade 6 – Loyola)



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