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Intramurals 2016: Igniting the Fire of the Sacred Heart through Sports

The Sacred Heart School Ateneo de Cebu – Grade School Department opened Intramurals 2016 last September 17, Saturday, with the theme: Igniting the Fire of the Sacred Heart through Sports. The flames of learning and fun were ignited during the opening of Intramurals 2016 as Mr. Alan Choachuy and his team inspired the Ateneo Hearters to be physically fit and healthy. They demonstrated five simple exercises in order to have a physically fit body. The second half of the opening was a very exciting event when each grade level delivered a variety of dance presentations. Grades One to Three showcased creative dance calisthenics with themes focusing on the environment and the community while Grades Four to Six performed the Dance Palabas based on respective themes. The Grade Four level increased the school community’s awareness on Poverty and Inequality. The Grade Five level promoted Youth Empowerment. Lastly, the Grade Six level encouraged everyone to love justice and peace to make the world a better place. The opening of Intramurals 2016 sparked the passion of the Ateneo Hearters in sports as they eagerly prepared to play their games with much excellence and magis since the games were set for the next month.

On October 24 to 26, 2016, the games were in full swing. The Ateneo Hearters played with fervor their games: basketball, volleyball, soccer football, track and field, table tennis and swimming. Others were blazing with dynamism and energy as each section cheered for their teams. On October 26, Intramurals 2016 was officially closed with the awarding ceremony held at the Magis Eagles Arena. Indeed, the Intramurals aroused the class spirit of each section and it was an opportunity for each Ateneo Hearter to exercise good character because it is also through sports that an Ateneo Hearter can ignite the “Sacred Heart”.

Lance Sibi

Lance Sibi

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