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Ignatian Spirituality Education Workshop (Grade School)

Imagine yourself entering into a place where everything is just as you wanted it to be: you’ve mastered the culture of the place but somehow along the way you felt lost because you’ve forgotten about the very reason why you came. Now picture yourself again in a new environment where you’re filled with emotions of uncertainty because you have anxieties about what is going to happen along the way. Like a lamp, the Ignatian Spirituality Education Workshop (ISEW) made a way for many to rekindle the flame of passion that died down and allowed a path to rediscover the light that we’ve lost along the way.

Joining the Ignatian Spirituality in Education Workshop (ISEW) was like wiping a misted glass window to get a clear view of the outside scenery. The ISEW wiped out all my anxieties, fears, doubts, and hesitations and gave me a clear vision of my role as an Ignatian educator, Jesuit lay-collaborator, and partner-in-community. It assured me of the presence of a known God to an unknown future. Looking through the clean window, I was able to see a clear context of the Jesuits’ vision and mission. I was able to appreciate the beauty of Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu by not only looking forward but also looking back at its past – their small and humble beginnings.

The ISEW showed me the road to the School’s vision by: first, letting me understand where I am coming from and letting me understand why I was able to finally come home to Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu; second, going back to the school’s past in order for me to understand its present; and lastly, retelling of Saint Ignatius’ story of leadership, excellence, service, and cura personalis. All these further opened my views on what Ignatian Spirituality is about.

The Ignatian Spirituality Education Workshop (ISEW) showed me a perspective in which to view the school our school and further deepened my understanding of Ignatian Spirituality. It was not just about looking back at our very rich past and looking forward to our dreams in the future. But, more importantly, it was about enriching and appreciating the present by rekindling the flame of passion and rediscovering the light of God.


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