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Beat. Rhythm. Harmony. Music is the language of the soul; it reignites dreams and passions. This excerpt from L.R. Knot’s insight couldn’t agree more with the goals of the Grade School Department’s AfterSchool Music Program (A.S.M.P.).  The program aims to hone the musical giftedness of Grades 3-6 Ateneo hearters through specialized tracks in learning piano, and violin. Now in its second year since its reinstatement in 2021, the A.S.M.P. has trained young musicians since November of 2023. Offering both basic foundations in playing the two musical instruments and its more complex lessons, the grade school program has once again nurtured and yielded more musical enthusiasts.

On May 24, 2023, Wednesday, the Grade School AfterSchool Music Program (A.S.M.P.) pupils celebrated their learned skills and giftedness through a classical recital entitled, “Growing in Tune 2023. With the program held in the school’s Virginia Chiongbian School Theater, they showcased what they have learned in their A.S.M.P. classes. Their months-long journey culminated with the day’s growing in tune experience with their loved ones as their witnesses. Likewise, parents, guardians, school administrators, and teachers had a meaningful and total multi-sensory experience as they beheld how young learners evolved into promising musicians. A.S.M.P. pupils had the irreplaceable learning experience of thinking, feeling, and doing musical study and presentation through their journey with the AfterSchool Music Program (A.S.M.P.). With the help of their teachers, namely, Mrs. Annabel Apat and Mr. Tommy Kim (piano), and Mr. Jerome Nakila (violin), they were able to tap their potentials and share them to the bigger community.

Growing in Tune 2023: the A.S.M.P. recital paved the way for today’s young generation to pay tribute to the classics: not just the music but the values of the joy of learning, excellence, leadership, and service. The recital was not only an appreciation of the current generation’s musical giftedness but also a thanksgiving reunion and homecoming for the elder Ateneo hearter musicians. This shows how years of reflective experiential learning with the music program has brough them their advanced skills.

Under the baton of Maestra Juliet Kim, Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu (SHS-AdC) Blue Orchestra well-acclaimed conductor and moderator, the program also tapped and showcased Miss Christina Kim, SHS-AdC alumna, and currently a University of the Philippines – School of Music student, and other selected members of the Blue Orchestra who were also A.S.M.P. pupils in their younger years

As a token of acknowledging their efforts, all A.S.M.P. recitalists were awarded certificates and were given pictures of their performance

The A.S.M.P. recital was made possible with the dedication of its learners and the support of the teachers, school administrators, parents and guardians, and the entire school community.

Thanks to all the Ignatian heroes who worked tirelessly in front and behind the curtain. Indeed, the school has headed towards another step in realizing the Grade School Department’s thrust for lifelong learning with Growing in Tune 2023.



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