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For some women, this quarantine may have been paring their domestic lives down to their upsetting essence. But, not with Mrs. Cecilie Villacrucis, our Junior High School Chemistry teacher. A mother of three teenage boys, she makes sure she can take care of her family well especially in this trying time. This prompted her to revive her cooking and baking skills which she learned from her mother way back when she was in high school.

The past few weeks of quarantine challenged her to offer a variety of healthy food to her sons, especially to her husband who is immuno-compromised. Ma’am Ces has indeed made her quarantine a productive one, not only for herself, but most importantly, for her family. What a remarkable, selfless and beautiful work from a loving mother!

#HeartersForHope: Being God’s Heart Today

To all Ateneo Hearters, please share your uplifting stories during this time of pandemic to us by sending a private message to the SHS-Ateneo de Cebu Junior High School Student Activity Program Facebook Page. Thank you!



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