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High School English Week Celebration (part 2)

Last week, the High School English Area sponsored two major activities for Grade 8 and Grade 10. Last Tuesday, February 27, 2015, the Grade 10 students presented their Human Diorama Performance task and took us to the different countries without even leaving our campus, from the world’s largest country Russia to Latin America, from the land of Persia to the continent down under Australia, from the land of smiles Thailand to the enchanting European countries. We welcomed two sections from Canduman National High School and some sections from the grade school department.

Next activity was the 2nd Eloquentia Cup of Grade 8 with the theme “Building with the Sacred Heart through Eloquentia.” This time we had an oratorical competition. The piece was entitled “Wanted: A Leader” by Fr. James P. Moran of the Society of Jesus. The winners of the oratorical competition were Jelord Rey Sevilles of Grade 8 Kostka for 3rd place, L-rej Awit of Grade 8 Berchmans for 2nd place and 1st place and this year’s champion orator is Mille Pendon of Grade 8 Colombiere.

Article contributed by Mr. Fabian Sentina (HS Faculty); Photos from Mr. Anthony Hejie Suralta (GS Faculty)


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