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Lights Up for the One Light

What better way is there to celebrate the reason for the season (albeit a month before) than to hold a school-wide Christmas concert? As far as I know,  it’s definitely not by being a Grinch and plotting to steal Christmas.

All the clubs of Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu have once again collaborated for the annual Christmas concert with the theme,  “Jesus, the Light Who Leads the Way”.

With Mr. Daniel Dominguez and Isis Peralta of the Glee Club to lead the diverse cast, the concert of the year certainly exceeded expectations. This year the play is longer,  the songs better orchestrated and sung,  the children cuter than ever, and the stage itself more glamorous with its glittering gold stars all over, radiating a serene ambiance to the audience as the story of a simple celebration of a Filipino Christmas unfolds.
The concert begins with a melodious playing by the professional orchestra to set the mood of the story, which then is introduced, continued, and concluded by the talented actors of the Theater Arts Guild. Christmas songs, hymns and praises were brought to life as the Glee  Club sang not just well in tune but in a melody so harmonious, you’d think Snow White took lessons from them. The concert, entitled, Christmas for Love: Back To The Manger, was not complete without the accompaniment of the Angklung Players and our very own Children’s Choir to put a cherry on top.

With a collaboration as big and as important as this one, the efforts all put in together by the following club moderators and directors: Mrs. Lionela Labiste and Mary Lureñana from the TAG; Mr. Reydon Encinares along with the Applied Music teachers Mr. Virgilio Ylaya, Mr. Alex Almeda and Mr. Adrian Beltran for the orchestra; Ms. Maggie Vestal, Mr. Mark Langahid, Mrs. Emma Seno and Isis Peralta as heads of the Glee Club; the Dance Troupe’s very own Ms. Hezeline Cambarijan; the talents of Mrs. Avecanna Peteros for handling the Children’s Choir and Angklung Players; and with special participation from the violin players under the leadership of Mrs. Juliet Kim-Badar. The Christmas concert was narrated with the voice talents of Mr. Jason Panoncillo and Mr. Daniel Dominguez. As news-like as I sound at this portion, I believe we must give credit to whom it is due. Without the patience and skills of these wonderful people, how can you ever call a Christmas concert what it is?

The beauty of it all, I simply cannot resist adding, is the clever time airing of the concert. Back to the Manger was played in the morning, just after the mass, to remind us all of the true reason for the season. The concert was in the morning to brief us that before anything and anyone else, we mustn’t forget about the one Light that has started this all.

Article contributed by Wanetta de la Calzada of G10 – St. Ignatius of Loyola


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