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Joy, Cheer, Happiness and Fun

The most cheerful and joyful time of year is almost upon us. It’s the time to celebrate one of the events that forever changed history. It was the same time, thousands of years back that a birth so marvelous happened that even the angels up high sang praises – the birth of Jesus Christ, our King, Messiah and Savior. It is His birth we are about to celebrate and are honoring through the holding of our Christmas Fair 2014.

But this year, there are people who might not be celebrating. Some people are not fortunate enough to have quite the festivities that we have. They might be in utter darkness: just looking through the windows to the joyful people celebrating. As they say, eat, and be merry! But there are people who don’t have the stomachs full to bursting with delicious food. Their Christmas is being celebrated in the shadows of other people’s. This Christmas Fair’s theme is Jesus the Light Who Leads the Way. Why don’t we not just keep the light to ourselves, but share it with others?

Who said that though that sharing the light doesn’t have to be fun? This Christmas Fair, we can take up the light not just through hard labor, but through the enjoyment of the booths. These booths were created by the many different sections of the school. They are ways to help others while at the same time doing it in the most creative and enjoyable way possible. Want to play games? Try your hand at darts, or perhaps the Catch a Fish one or the Basketball booth. Maybe you want to see some animals. In that case, go to the Mini Zoo. Want to relax? Check out the Massage or Chill booth. Too tired to hold your bags or buy food? The Courtesy booth and We Serve are at your service. Now, who said helping was hard? Just add a spoonful of sugar and it doesn’t taste so bad after all.

This Christmas Fair, let us be the lights, follow Christ as He lights the way and lead others into the light. Never forget the meaning of Christmas, but at the same time, have fun!

Article contributed by a high school student.


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