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Finding God in this Pandemic by Ashanti Jameisha Zhen V. Macamay

The COVID-19 pandemic has unimaginably affected thousands of lives. Its effects are pushing people to give up. Many have lost their jobs and their loved ones, and all of us must drastically adjust to the new normal.

When the news of the virus came out, I admit that I was not bothered at all. I thought confidently that the Philippines would not be affected, and that we were far from danger.

I was wrong.

As days, weeks, months went by and COVID-19 cases continue to rise, fear started to grow within me as well. From then on, I have been worried for those who have no access to adequate medical care, and the front liners who continue to sacrifice their safety as they fight in this battle. I also could not help but worry for the needy, the poor, and the vulnerable.

As an Ateneo Hearter and as a child of God, I believe that one of the things I can do amidst these trials is keeping my faith and trust in the Lord wholeheartedly. This is the best time to hold on to God’s hands and believe in His grace and power. My family and I have always prayed the Holy Rosary, and we continue to do so especially this time. We pray for the safety of our front liners, the fast recovery of those infected by the virus, and better ways of handling this crisis.

Personally, I believe that prayer is our greatest weapon. That is why, as soon as I wake up and before I go to sleep, I thank the Almighty Father for the gift of life and protection. I know we can surpass this turmoil as long as we continue to believe in God’s love and power. Intensifying our prayer life and keeping a strong faith will enable us to find inner peace amidst chaos.

As Saint Ignatius of Loyola taught us, let us keep our focus on discerning to find, to feel, and to do God’s will. This pandemic made me more open and closer to God. I shall continue to take the path where He leads me, and I pray that others will do the same, for after all, loving God is surrendering to Him.


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